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Trip Report Jan/Feb 2014

Iberekodo Leper Colony Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria January – February 2014 chicken poultry project.

The above chicken project is as a result of the trusteees meeting in May 2013 with those affected with leprosy in Abeokuta. There were a number of projects put forward by members but majority of them voted for the chichen project. It’s their idea, their project but the charity support them financially.

Some of the members have volunteed to take turn in looking after the chicken and to be coordinated by the project manager. The excitting aspect of the project is that it is going to be a source of income for them.

All the trustees of Leprosy Outreach will like to express our gratitude to all our donors for your continuous support. Your contribution goes a long way in realising these goals and we hold you very dearly for donating to make this happen.