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Trip Report June 2014

The Oji River Leprosy Colony stood at a capacity of 300+ patients at the time of our in January 2014, however on the most recent visit June 2014 we discovered that nine new patients had been admitted. Of the new leprosy sufferers two were elderly ladies whose families had abandoned at the colony in order to avoid both the burden of caring for them and the social stigma still attached to leprosy in Nigeria.

Donated and purchased clothing and medical resources were received with incredible gratitude at the Oji River colony as well as at the Abeokuta leper colony.  Thanks to all for your donations, we had the pleasure of distributing gifts ranging from clothes, shoes to reading books.

On previous January 2014 visit to the Oji River colony it became apparent that the patients were in desperate need of toilet facilities as their pit toilets were blocked. On the latest trip in June 2014, we had the pleasure to begin work on new WC toilets. Many thanks to all whose donations have made the patients’ wish a reality. We are pleased to report that the work is now completed and the toilets are currently being enjoyed by the patients.  

The leprosy sufferers’ children are able to attend school set up British missionaries in the Oji River colony itself.