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Trip Report Dec 2012

3rd December 2012 My visit to the Oji River Leper colony 

On arrival we met the church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, diocese of Oji River who came to mark the PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED DAY. There were different churches, schools and community groups.

There were hymns, worship, prayers, bible readings, dances, speeches, dreamer and presentation by patients or sufferers. They brought bags of rice and drinks, cooked food and other gifts.

I was unable to meet the sufferers individually to hand over the gifts brought from the UK but spent some time with the medical superintendent interviewing him regarding the update since my visit in May 2012.

It was inspiring to hear some success stories and learn that some of the sufferers have been discharges and moved on to trading in the community.

One of the men with deep diabetes, which in turn triggered an ulcerated leg, has been taken by his sons to America for further treatment.

The high light for me is about a lady by name Mrs Cecilia Chukwu, who was diagnosed late due to lack of knowledge and information. At my last visit in May 2012, she was bed bound, due to an ulcerated leg, below the knee amputation on the other leg, a blind right eye and about 5% hearing on her right ear all as a consequence of leprosy. On my visit in December 2012, this dear lady’s ulcer is now healed and she now sits out of the bed and with an artificial leg she is able to walk with the help of one person due to being blind.   

This is Mrs Cecelia Chukwu in May 2012. Notice her bandaged swollen leg.

Here she is in December 2012, completely healed with no bandage, in the highest of spirits. She was very grateful for all the gifts.

Visit to the school and time with the children.       

The school children were asked to say a prayer for me and for all the donors. I showed them clips from my visit in May 2012.

These are some of the new patients waiting to receive their own gifts. I was really moved by the school girls’ condition.
Distributing gifts to the patients  
Distributing gifts to the patients